Travel Agencies and Customer whises
Travel agencies are a dime a dozen. And cyclingtour-agencies there are also more than enough.
We are of the opinion that their offers are often the same and interchangeable.
This fact was the motivator to establish the company in 2009. Our service began quite small.
The bookings are rising every year. More and more customers come from abroad.
Today we can say: Business ist going well.

Your Vacation – Your Decision
Maybe you come only once to Germany or Austria. Therfore, your vacation is very important to us!
What does that do for us, when you come home and tell "it was ok"?
Our claim is that you tell at home, "it was fantastic"!
We do not feel as a seller, we feel that we are ambassadors for our country.
For that we put one's shoulder to the weel.

Being Different has a Great Advantage
Customers perception ist sustainable. What has that got to do with you and CleverCycling?
Well, it starts with communication, continues over the travel documents and stop with the personal attention during your trip.
Are you curious to know more? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We look forward to your inquiry.

PS: Your Prerequisites for a Successful Journey
Open to new ideas, curiosity, get to know the country and its people, you accept that there are other languages ​​than English (or your mother tongue), other food excites you, sweat is healthy, driving a car on vacation is hogwash, five hours cycling is wonderful…