The Bavarian Beer Tour – by Train

mountain-bavariaGiuded Tour in a Small Group
Bavaria is the country with the most types of beer in the world. For many, Bavaria is the home which best beers in the world. That beer in everyday life is so obvious, is for guests of "puritanical countries" very unusual. There are also countries which sell beer only regulated and high taxed. In Bavaria this will be a unthinkable act. Look forward to an unrivaled journey through the homeland of the beer.
The best: Travelling in a small group with a professional tour guide – and more contents of service than usual!

By train through a beautiful part of Germany
Stress-free travel without car traffic. Germany has one of the densest railway networks in the world.
We offer you a unique train journey in one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. The numerous historic towns will delight you. Your tour guide will show you many world-renowned attractions. You also enjoys many fantastic types of beer, Bavarian hospitality and a excellent cuisine. Particularly attractive for you are the "unknown" sights. This trip you can not find in other travel brochures.

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