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The Cycling Paradies in Europe: Austria and Germany

ostalpen_panoramatour_10The Free State of Bavaria in Germany has the largest network of long distance cycle routes around the world with a length of 9.000 km / 5.700 miles. In addition there are over 15,000 km / 9500 miles of regional cycling routes._
Together with our neighbouring country Austria we can offer a network of over 40,000 km / 25.300 miles bicycle routes. No other region in the world can offer something similar.
Of course the rich culture, varied landscapes and excellent cuisine are other reasons for the popularity of this region.
The excellent price-performance ratio is another argument for a holiday in Germany or Austria.
All these are reasons why more and more cyclists from all over the world spend their holidays here.

Weather and Best Time to Travel
Germany / Bavaria and Austria have a temperate seasonal climate. The summer often starts in early May and ends in September. October is often a good travel month with a stable, sunny autumn weather. And when it is raining? There is no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.
The temperatures in the summer months are between minimum 15° (59°F) and 35° (95°F)in the maximum. In areas above 1000 meters, temperatures are appreciably lower.

Food and Beverages – some Superlatives
The best beer in the world, the best bread in the world, the best sausages in the world, with the best of cheese in the world,  with the best of wine in the world…many culinary superlative are waiting for you.

Bavarian Beer
On what people think of first when they read / hear "Bavaria"? Of course of beer!
Currently, there are approximately 700 (!) breweries in Bavaria. Most of them are privately owned. Much competition ensures good quality. The „Bavarian Purity Law“ from the year 1516 allows just these ingredients: Water, barley and hops. Chemical additives are still banned in Bavarian beer.

Internationally, Germany and Austria are the countries with the most varieties of bread.
This is due to the grain variety. In almost all other countries bread is baked from wheat only. Our Bavarian and Austrian bakers make bread from wheat, rye, spelled or oats. Otherwise, each bakery tries to create their own recipes. In addition, the bakery trade has a deep-seated tradition. On your bike-tour, you can test every day another fresh type of bread. Look forward to the best bread in the world.

There are countries where each sausage tastes equally bad. Not so in Germany and Austria. There are over 1500 different types of sausages. And there are many small, excellent family butchers. They produce their sausage still itself. The most famous sausages here are of course the "Weisswurst" and the "Bratwurst".

International France is the country with the best cheese. Here we do not disagree. But our cheese variety is not the worst. Many foreign visitors are surprised – about the local cheese variety. Convince yourself. Our tip: A organic Allgäu Emmental cheese or the organic Austrian Bergkäse (mountain cheese)

Many countries produce very good wines. That you find in Austria and Germany good wine regions, know the least.
In Bavaria, the most important wine region is located on the river Main, in the north of the country. The following grape varieties are dominant here: Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus, Domina and Riesling.
Austria's most famous wine region is located on the Danube. Here also runs the most popular long distance cycle route in the world.

On our guided tour we show you of course small breweries, bakeries, butchers and winegrowers.

Information Regarding General Safety
Austria and Germany are very safe country. Crimes rates are low and the rule of law is strictly enforced.
Violent crimes (homicide, robberies, rape, assault) are very rare compared to most countries. For instance, 2010 homicide rates were with 0.86 cases per 100,000 inhabitants significantly lower than in the UK (1.17), Australia (1.20), France (1.31), Canada (1.81) and the US (5.0) – and they continue to decline. Pickpockets may sometimes be an issue in large cities or at events with large crowds. Panhandling is not uncommon in some larger cities, but not to a greater extent than in most other major cities and you will rarely experience aggressive panhandling.
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Where is Europe, Germany and Austria? Here are the maps for you

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