Cycling tourists are happy!  Why?clevercycling_chiemsee

  • Because they are slow
  • Because they have more time
  • Because they can see more
  • Because they will experience more
  • Because they get to know more people
  • Bicycle travelers are "no social troublemakers"

The best way of traveling in two countries with the most cycling routes in the world.

The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Here is an overview about our Biketours in Germany and Austria. The following categories are available to you choice:

Here you'll find our most popular bicycle tours in Germany and Austria. Why are these tours so popular?
The good infrastructure, magnificent landscapes and the outstanding price-performance ratio are the reasons behind the popularity.


Our "classics" are rightly some of Europe's most popular bicycle tours.
Reasons for this are: Easy to reach, magnificent route guidance and lots of variety.


info_korea2_clevercycling.comGuided Tours – for "Travel-Ambassadors"
Ambassadors? That's right, we and you are ambassadors for our countries. Our guided journeys make an important contribution for international understanding. We are looking forward to welcoming you as an ambassador for your country.


german_panorama_titleLong Distance Tours
Are you looking for an extraordinary challenge? Then you are right here!
Or to put it lightly, these long-distance bike tours in Germany or Austria are to be as good as one's word.It's up to you to do it…
By the way, here is the beginning of all three trips. This is the port of Lindau at Lake Constance