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Do it yourself  or well organized?
Therefore, many guests try to organize a cycletour abroad itself. If you have a lot of time, patience and reasonably good knowledge of German, then nothing speaks against a self planned tour. If you calculate the (your) time spent in costs, then an organized trip is certainly cheaper.

You don't speak German
If you have just little or no German language skills: Then you should plan your trip with us. Do you know this fairy tale: In Europe (also in Austria and Germany) everybody speaks English? It's true: Almost everyone learns English in school.
It is also true: Most people here do not speak English in daily life. In large cities, many people speak English quite well. But above all things, in the countryside where you are cycling, just a few people speak understandable English.
The fact is: German is the most spoken language in the EU. And in our neighboring countries many people speak German. That is one reason why many people in Germany or Austria do not speak English very well.
Particularly difficult to understand are people, whose mother language is English. These people usually speak too quickly and with slang. Result: You, as a native English-speaker – you will be not understood!

Our Travel Concept is your advantage
Don't worry, you do not have to learn German in a few weeks. But with our tour concept, you travel a lot easier through the most beautiful regions of Germany and Austria.

Fly and Bike
After arrival, your rental-bike is ready
You come from far away to Germany? Then the easiest way is by plane. Munich International Airport is one of the most important airports in Europe. All major airlines offer also "low budget flights" to Munich. A very modern suburban train takes you in 45 minutes to the Central Station. There your reserved rental-bike is already ready for pickup. Easier you can not begin your bicycle journey. This service is offered to you 7 days a week!

The most important things for you

  • We think like bicycle travelers
  • We plan the cycling tour together with you
  • We take account of your individual wishes
  • All bicycle tours and accomodations are tested by us
  • Our phone support also helps you in English
  • And last but not least, on every tour you'll get at least a liter* of best Bavarian beer

* you don't know what is "a liter". Well, the quantum "a liter beer" (in Bavarian "a Maß") is really very much!
Wikipedia will help you in dissolving smiley

Our tip: Choose your journey. Then please contact us – we will help you with your planning.